New S&P Record: My April Market Prediction

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The S&P closed at a record yesterday.

Can this bull market continue?

There’s reason to believe stocks could rally another 10% this year.

Artificial Intelligence was the spark that sent stocks higher. And the market rally is now broadening out.

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The stock market has been in rally mode all year.

In fact, the S&P posted gains in each of the first 3-months of the year.

That’s an extremely bullish sign.

It suggests that the S&P 500 could end the year with +20% gains.

When the S&P is up in January, February and March there is a…

  • 95% chance of gains during the rest of the year
  • 9.8% average gain between April – December

Here’s the data…

Here’s my advice…

Don’t fight the trend of the stock market.

The S&P 500 gained 25% in 2023.

It’s up another 10% in the first 3-months of this year. And history suggests it could jump another 10% by the end of the year.

Artificial Intelligence stocks continue to lead the market.

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