New Tesla Upgrades Just LEAKED

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According to a Twitter account that often gets inside information from employees and people with information about Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA)

Elon Musk will make one of the most significant announcements in many years next Wednesday, the day he will reveal his Master Plan 3.0.

Let’s discuss the many aces he seems to have up his sleeve…

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The Twitter account is called Teslacope…

And as the name suggests, it follows everything related to Tesla.

They just posted a brand-new thread on Twitter that shares many new details.

One of them is that, despite Tesla saying that it DOESN’T redesign its cars…

It seems that a Model 3 and Model Y redesign may be underway.

Another one is that Tesla’s latest autopilot hardware—HW4—has already begun production, with a goal for ALL Tesla cars to be delivered with it by the end of summer.

And last but not least…

That Elon Musk will make one of the most significant announcements in YEARS.

What will that be?

Frankly, I don’t know…

But what I do know is that it’s the day that he will reveal his brand-new Master Plan.

Take a look at what happened to Tesla stock after his previous Master Plan 2.

As you can see…

It was a fantastic profit opportunity for investors.

And it was no different with his FIRST Master Plan – where investors had the chance to make 24,017%.

However, the profit play with Master Plan 3.0 is completely different.

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Despite increased competition from other automakers…

Tesla not only remains the king of the hill…

But will likely continue to hold that spot when Elon Musk implements his new Master Plan.

Most importantly for us investors…

This presents a brand-new opportunity to make between 1,766% and 24,017% – just as it was possible with his two previous Master Plans.

Here’s why the profit play is so different with Master Plan 3.0

Elon Musk needs to secure access to limited battery metals ASAP.

I’m talking about metals like lithium, nickel, cobalt, graphite…

For which there’s a huge shortage – and Elon Musk NEEDS them to make EV batteries and for his Master Plan 3.0 to succeed.

That’s why several tiny stocks are signing agreements with Tesla.

And these stocks could see shares jump dramatically.

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