First Barclays… Now Morgan Stanley – Who’s Next?

A few days ago…

Barclays said that Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is the #1 auto pick.

And now Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) is saying that Tesla will unveil technologies that are CRITICAL for mass EV adoption the day Musk reveals his new Master Plan.

They also say that Tesla stock could jump 11%.

But why make 11% when you could make 1,766% from Tesla’s rise?

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Now, I’ve been saying this for months now…

But Tesla is not only spearheading the EV revolution…

It is literally miles ahead of everyone else – with plans to destroy other automakers’ efforts to catch up in the EV race.

And now it seems that big banks are seeing this too.

That’s why Barclays recently said that Tesla isn’t just a top EV pick…

But a top AUTO pick that could jump 38%.

Meanwhile, based on Morgan Stanley’s $220 price target for Tesla, they think the stock could rise 11%.

Nothing to sneeze at…

But peanuts compared to the 1,766% you could make with a secret profit play that capitalizes on Tesla’s dominance in the EV race.

See, unbeknownst to many investors…

There’s a small group of undiscovered stocks that could see 1,766% gains because of Musk’s new Master Plan 3.0.

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Consider the gains you could’ve made with Master Plan 1 & 2.

If you bought shares when Master Plan #1 was released – you’d be up 24,000%+.

If bought them when Master Plan #1 was released – you’d be 1,700%+.

But the profit play with Master Plan #3 is completely different than before.

That’s because Tesla needs other companies for Master Plan 3.0 to succeed.

I’ve spent months going through everything Musk has said since last March, which is the day he announced he was working on Master Plan 3.

Twitter conversations…

Memos from Tesla’s all-staff meetings…

Conference-call transcripts…

Literally EVERYTHING I could find.

Simply because I wanted to find the best profit plays with the highest chance to explode once Elon Musk reveals his new plan for Tesla next Wednesday.

And after more than 200 hours of extensive research…

I’ve put the puzzle pieces together and discovered the stocks that could skyrocket because of Master Plan 3.0.

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