Tesla’s Brand New Headquarters

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) just announced…

A move to a new engineering headquarters in California.

Could it be that the Golden State is KEY for Musk’s new plan for the company?

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Back in 2020…

California’s new COVID-19 restrictions resulted in Tesla closing its Fremont factory.

And Musk was NOT happy about that.

In fact, he even threatened to move out of the state and ended up doing so.

Yet Musk’s business empire has maintained a significant footprint in California.

He has said that Tesla’s manufacturing plant in Fremont is “the highest-output automotive plant in North America”…

… and set to turn churn out roughly 600,000 cars this year.

Add to that his announcement of a new global engineering headquarters…

And you can see why despite Tesla moving a lot of manufacturing jobs and HQ to Texas – California is still ESSENTIAL to Tesla’s growth.

Meanwhile, what most investors don’t know is that Tesla’s growth could soon reach new dizzying heights.


Because Elon Musk is just SIX days away from releasing his brand-new Master Plan for Tesla: a roadmap to destroy automakers.

As you may know…

Master Plans 1 & 2—both released several years ago—proved to be DEADLY ACCURATE in the predicting the future of EVs…

… while giving investors the chance to see up to 24,017% gains.

And based on my research…

With Master Plan 3, Tesla is taking 100% control of its supply chains and taking dramatic steps to secure its dominance in the EV race.

It is rushing to secure access to limited battery metals.

That’s because there’s a huge shortage of lithium, nickel, cobalt and graphite.

And you simply cannot make EV batteries without these metals.

Several tiny stocks are preparing to sign agreements with Tesla.

And these stocks could see shares surge on the next major news announcement.

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