Nvidia Alert: 40% Profits in 7 Weeks

4 days before Christmas I sent a BUY ALERT…

“Buying Nvidia: Better Late Than Never”

Shares were trading at $486.

Inside that email I share 3 important lifelong investing ideas…

And I hope they’ll help you find bigger profits in 2024.

1. Don’t stay out of a winning stock simply because you missed the initial move.

You’ve been watching the stock. You see that it’s already up 100% or 200% in the last year – so you decide NOT to invest.

Yet the stock keeps rallying higher and higher. Because the stock doesn’t care that you missed out on the earlier gains.

This mindset has cost me significant amounts of money time and time again.

2. When you see a stock trending higher due to amazing financial results – get on that train.

The fact is that a fast-moving stock is going to leave the station with or without you.

That’s why I personally bought Nvidia in December.

I wish I’d bought shares a year ago. But I didn’t. And I can’t go back in time.

What I can do is realize my mistake. Forget about the profits that I could have earned. And instead look to the future.

There’s one important fact that you probably didn’t realize.

3. A stock can triple – and become cheaper at the same time.

In December NVIDIA stock was actually cheaper than 1-year ago.

How’s that possible?

NVDA was trading at $165 per share in December 2022.

When the company posted full-year earnings they came in at $3.34 per share. That means NVDA was trading with a price-to-earnings (P/E) multiple of 49.

In late December shares were trading at $486. Meanwhile, EPS were estimated to be $12.39 this year. That gives us a P/E of 39.

The key take away was that NVIDIA stock was cheaper than it was one year ago – despite rising 240%.

Here’s how I ended that issue…

“Hopefully you were smarter and less stubborn than me. And you already own NVDA stock in your portfolio. If not now’s your chance to jump onboard.”

That was December 21st.

NVDA was at $486.

Today shares are at $682 for a 40% gain in 7 weeks.

So, is it too late to BUY NVDA shares? Check out tomorrow’s issue.

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Go here asap for details and 3 urgent trades.

I’m rooting for you!


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