OpenAI’s New Secret

After OpenAI’s board failed to oust CEO Sam Altman…

New reports reveal that the OpenAI drama might be linked to a new super powerful AI.

New AI breakthroughs are happening at breakneck speed – and they’re revolutionizing entire industries like tech, healthcare, and trading.

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The OpenAI drama seems to have no end in sight.

A little more than a week after the abrupt dismissal – and subsequent rehiring – of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman…

New reports are emerging that the company has been secretly working on a next-generation AI model dubbed Q*.

This new AI can reason sufficiently to answer grade school-level math prompts, which has HUGE implications towards the ability to break encryption.

Sam Altman just did an interview with The Verge…

And during the interview, they asked him what’s going on with the Q* model breakthrough. Here’s his response:

“No particular comment on that unfortunate leak. But what we have been saying — two weeks ago, what we are saying today, what we’ve been saying a year ago, what we were saying earlier on — is that we expect progress in this technology to continue to be rapid and also that we expect to continue to work very hard to figure out how to make it safe and beneficial. That’s why we got up every day before. That’s why we will get up every day in the future. I think we have been extraordinarily consistent on that.”

A lot of people are speculating that the way he worded this – without actually denying it – is somewhat of a confirmation of Q*’s existence.

The first reports about Q* came out last week.

Both Reuters and The Information reported on an internal memo sent out by Mira Murati, the now former OpenAI board member, acknowledging the existence of the project.

And these reports led to a LOT of speculation.

Could it have something to do with all the OpenAI drama we’ve seen recently?

Was Sam Altman’s firing related to this new AI breakthrough?

Nobody knows for sure.

But given the company’s history of massive growth and of keeping their AI development under wraps, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

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