Tesla’s BRAND-NEW Event on Dec 1

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Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) just confirmed…

That it’s going to hold a new event on December 1.

Could it be the day that Elon Musk reveals his brand-new plan for the company?

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Since the start of 2020…

Tesla stopped hosting regular events and instead just held Battery Day and AI Day events annually.

But that’s about to change.

According to Tesla’s head of investors relations…

Tesla will hold a rare event for the start of deliveries and unveiling of a new production-version vehicle: the Tesla Semi.

There could also be a surprise announcement at the event.

But even if it’s about the Tesla Semi and that’s it…

The event is incredibly important because the Tesla Semi could REALLY change the game in the trucking industry.


Well, consider this.

The 500-mile range of the truck and an efficiency of less than 2 kWh per mile…

At $0.20 per kWh, that’s a $0.40 cost of operation per mile – about half the cost of operation of a diesel truck.

Companies can spend up to $80k on fuel per year PER TRUCK…

So if successful, it could electrify the trucking industry.

And it wouldn’t surprise me if Musk was successful.

Especially considering the success he has of doing so in other industries.

But what most investors don’t know is that…

He actually lays out a Master Plan BEFORE doing so – giving fast-moving investors the chance to see up to 24,000%+ gains (if they position themselves right).

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Because while Tesla’s new electric truck makes for exciting news…

What I’m paying attention the most is Musk’s new Master Plan 3 for Tesla.

And the reason is simple.

His previous Master Plans 1 & 2 proved to be DEADLY ACCURATE in predicting the future in the EV space…

… while also giving early investors a fantastic chance to make between 1,766% and 24,017% gains.

That’s why I’ve spent months going through everything Musk has said since March, which is the day he announced he was working on Master Plan 3.

I’ve gone through his Twitter conversations, his battery-day presentations, memos from Tesla’s all-staff meetings, conference-call transcripts… you name it.

All because I wanted to discover the BEST ways to profit from his new master plan.

And after more than 200 hours of extensive research…

I’ve put the puzzle pieces together and seen exactly HOW Tesla plans to secure its dominance of the EV market for the next years – just as it did twice right after Master Plans 1 & 2.

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