Tesla’s Impressive NEW Upgrade

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) just made a new software update…

… greatly improving the camera quality of its electric cars.

It’s yet another step of Elon Musk’s new plan for global domination.

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Earlier this week…

The automaker made its cars safer with one over-the-air software update that automatically activates and speeds up hazard lights after a crash.

And now they’ve done another update for its cameras.

Here’s how much the camera quality has improved:

It’s a substantial improvement, especially in low-light environments.

And it’s yet another step towards the success of Musk’s new Master Plan.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to many…

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Here’s why.

Tesla is eyeing 20 million EVs per year by the end of the decade.

Electricity is the fuel of choice for the next-gen vehicles.

And the battery becomes the critical technology powering those millions of EVs.

That’s why Morgan Stanley expects the EV battery market to soar 2,400%.

This creates a +10-year BOOM for companies that are making next generation batteries.

Plus, it creates an urgent demand for the metals that are inside every battery.

That’s why every automaker is SCRAMBLING to ink billion-dollar deals – and rushing to lock up critical battery metals to build millions of EVs.

Dozens of new deals could be announced in the coming weeks.

And once they’re announced – shares can quickly jump 548% and 614%.

In fact, that’s how much some stocks have jumped after an announcement.

That’s enough to turn $5k into $27,400… and even $30,700.

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