The Next Magnificent 7 Stock Pick

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Is there a new “Magnificent 7” stock?

Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) stockjumped 11% yesterday and hit an all-time high.

It’s latest big tech stock reaping rewards from Artificial Intelligence.

Here’s founder Larry Ellison…

“Oracle’s Gen2 AI infrastructure business is booming. That’s become pretty clear to everybody.

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Here’s what I discovered from the earnings call…

1. Cloud Computing Is Booming

Cloud revenue grew 26%.

That means Oracle’s cloud business is growing faster than the cloud business at Amazon or Microsoft.

2. Joint-Ventures with Nvidia

Oracle signed a big cloud deal with Nvidia during the quarter.

Nvidia is holding its annual AI conference next week.

Oracle says that they’re announcing new joint ventures with Nvidia at the event. This news could prove to be another catalyst for Oracle stock.

3. Data Center Ramp Up

Oracle is rapidly building out data centers to meet AI demands.

They’re building 20 data centers for Microsoft’s Azure.

Here’s Larry Ellison again…

“We’re also building the largest data centers in the world that we know of. We’re building an AI data center in the United States where you could park 8 Boeing 747s, nose to tail.”

Oracle now has over $80 billion in backlog. And that’s growing by nearly 30%.

Here’s the bottom line…

Oracle is crushing it.

The stock is up 50% in the last year and trading near an all-time high.

Yet it seems that Oracle is finally being recognized as an AI star.

I’m looking at buying shares or ORCL in my portfolio.

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