This Sector Is The BEST Opportunity In 2022 

A few days ago…

I sent you an email about how Warren Buffett is very bullish on energy.

But it seems he’s FAR from the only one.

In fact, according to a brand-new survey, an enormous amount of portfolio managers and retail investors plan to increase their exposure to the energy sector. Why?

Well, energy stocks are poised to get an even bigger boost from the surging electricity prices and fuel shortages expected later this year.

Two-thirds of respondents to an MLIV Pulse survey—a survey which includes portfolio managers and retail investors—plan to invest in the sector over the next 6 months.

And frankly, it doesn’t surprise me at all.

Warren Buffett’s Secret Wyoming Energy Project: It’s a $6.3 trillion opportunity. And two of America’s richest investors – Bill Gates and Warren Buffett – are investing over $2 billion. Get urgent details on this secret project – and the next 7,950% stock market winner. Go here ASAP for urgent details.

It’s one of the few sectors that’s delivering returns this year…

With an index of energy companies in the S&P 500 rallying more than 40% so far.

Yet energy stocks are still dirt cheap.

In fact, based on their prices relative to the earnings they’re expected to report in the year ahead… they’re significantly cheaper than their S&P 500 peers.

And while there’s several energy picks you could bet on…

In my view, the #1 energy stock is this one backed by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates.

That’s because thanks to a brand-new breakthrough technology…

The company behind it could soon electrify America and provide cheap electricity to the entire world.

No wonder BlackRock and the U.S. Government are also investing in it.

Because the energy sector is—without a doubt—one of the hottest sectors in the market right now.

That’s why you have big names as Warren Buffett, JPMorgan or Goldman Sachs very bullish on it…

… as well as many portfolio managers and retail investors planning to invest in it over the next 6 months.

But unbeknownst to many…

One of the biggest opportunities in the sector is the energy project that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are investing over $2 billion in.

In fact, this project is so important…

That the U.S. Department of Energy is 100% onboard – with plans to pay 50% of the total cost, resulting in a $2 billion investment in the project.

No wonder top Wall Street firms like BlackRock are jumping onboard too.

So what is this project?

And why does it give early investors the chance to see up 7,950% gains?

Yours in Wealth,
Ian Wyatt

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