Toyota’s New Hail Mary in the EV Race

Toyota just unveiled…

Its brand-new battery roadmap as it looks to secure its spot in the EV race.

It’s their latest effort to catch up with Tesla.

But Elon Musk will probably put an end to their dreams with THIS.

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After discovering a so-called “technological breakthrough”…

Toyota’s new batteries will improve range by 20% and a charging time to 20 minutes.

The company also plans to produce a higher-level battery that will improve range by 50%.

The problem is that mass production is expected for 2030 and beyond.

What’s worse…

Production will only be enough for “over ten thousand vehicles” – according to a Toyota Times post.

Frankly, a lot of people are not taking Toyota seriously.

That’s because it has a LONG history of making “battery promises” that haven’t been delivered.

For example, its first EV powered by solid-state batteries was due out in 2021…

Then in 2022…

Now in 2027-2028…

And it will be limited to ten thousand vehicles only.

Like many automakers, Toyota is realizing way too late the major shift the auto industry is going through.

That’s why it’s being squeezed out of China, the world’s largest auto market…

And that’s why it’s doing EVERYTHING possible to catch up in the EV race.

But this is a race that Elon Musk has been PLANNING and WINNING since 2006 with his first Master Plan 1 and then his Master Plan 2 for Tesla.

And now that he’s implementing Master Plan 3…

Not only is he extremely likely to succeed again…

But he’s also offering investors a brand-new chance to make out like bandits by betting on the secret partners that profit from Elon Musk’s new Master Plan.

Meanwhile, the much-anticipated Cybertruck is about to make its debut.

Tesla started production on its newest vehicle back in August at its Texas factory.

And there have been reported sightings of Cybertrucks being shipped on the car-carrier trucks.

One of the first Cybertrucks off the production line was recently bought at auction for a reported $400,000.

With over 1.9 million pre-orders…

There is a LOT of interest from consumers.

The official release date for the Cybertruck is November 30, so there’s a lot of attention directed at Tesla and its stock price.

But most investors won’t be looking where the biggest profit opportunity is.

And that’s Tesla’s secret EV partners.

That’s because these tiny stocks are overlooked and undiscovered right now.

But that could change any day now.

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Ian Wyatt

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