What No One Tells You About Jerome Powell

Do you know what it means when The Fed’s Jerome Powell says he is serious about crushing inflation?

It means he needs to DESTROY your quality of life – including your retirement.

But there’s one way you could stop the bleeding, make big profits, and generate cash flow DESPITE the pain Powell is inflicting.

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Think I’m overreacting?


Here’s the situation in a nutshell – the Federal Reserve “over-loosened” and caused massive inflation. 

Now they need to destroy demand in order to get it back under control. 

That means causing a recession…

Crashing the housing market…


Manufacturing much higher unemployment….


And of course he needs to crash the stock market.


Because he needs to inflict as much pain as possible to create deflation and discourage people from borrowing or spending money. Period.

And you are less likely to spend money or borrow money if your 401k is the dumpster, you just lost your job, your business is suffering, and your real estate values have cratered. 

It may seem like there’s nothing for you to do except grin, bear it, and hope things change soon. 

But believe it or not, there’s a way you can get a one-up on the Fed and generate up to 2,602% annualized gains before Feb 18.

To see how to start generating consistent profits even in the midst of this Federal Reserve-created recession and crash – go here now to register for the LIVE webinar.

To my knowledge – this is the ONLY way to generate consistent profits week after week in this market. 

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