How to Invest in 2023

2023 Profit
2023 Profit

In a new interview with Yahoo Finance

Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) revealed how investors can thrive in an environment where even MORE volatility is expected.

Which is great news for Overnight Traders.

In fact, taking advantage of volatility the RIGHT way is exactly what has led to our 719% cumulative gains since October 2017.

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Now, as you probably know…

Volatility was sky-high last year.

We had 219 trading days with the S&P 500 that moved over a 100 basis points intraday over the course of last year.

Which means that we had 85% trading days that were HIGHLY volatile.

And according to Goldman Sachs’ managing director Candice Tse…

The next decade is going to have even MORE levels of volatility.

And for investors, she’s suggesting three ways to thrive in this environment:

Left-tail risk… focusing on asset classes that traditionally you may have not thought about… and also active management.

But my suggestion is something much simpler than that.

What if I told you that sky-high volatility is the PERFECT set up for you to use this little-known Overnight Income trade.

In fact, this could help you make $1,335… $1,830… and even $3,115 profits in less than 3 hours.

And without doing anything complicated like shorting stocks or buying risky naked options.

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Now, this may go against all the rules you’ve heard…

But the truth is you could profit MUCH more often when you DON’T let volatility frighten you and, instead, simply follow this simple Overnight Trading strategy.

That’s because it reveals to you if a stock has a very high chance of making fast profits.

By leveraging the power of volatility the RIGHT way…

This little-known strategy has piled up 719% cumulative profits for the past 5 years.

And it’s exactly how we’ve been able to make 3-hour profits just like these:

  • $525 on PG
  • $680 on AXP
  • $710 on MA
  • $735 on WMT
  • $780 on V
  • $815 on TXN
  • $850 on SBUX
  • $915 on CVS
  • $1,025 on MSFT
  • $1,060 on QCOM
  • $1,130 on IBM
  • $1,100 on AAPL
  • $1,130 on DIS
  • $1,335 on EA
  • $1,830 on FB

And while these returns are based on a $5k investment, you can start small… getting your feet wet with just $500 or $1k.

But no matter what you choose to invest…

By simply using this unique Overnight Income trade, you could turn a small account into a massive one quickly.

Simply because it has a 5-year track record of winning 79% of all trade recommendations.

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