Claim Coca-Cola’s 64% Dividend – Just Like Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is collecting a 64% Coca-Cola dividend. Learn the secret of one of his top investments and use it to earn huge income from other top stocks. Read more

Slow Earnings Growth Can Squeeze Retirement Income

If earnings are flat or down this year, your current dividends are likely safe. For investors who need retirement income? They aren’t likely to grow much. Read more

AARP: How Much You Really Need in Retirement Savings

Some 40% of boomers – or 15 million households – don’t have enough retirement savings to get them through. AARP says you really need at least $1.5 million. Read more

This ‘Boring’ Dividend-Growth Stock Soared 50%. Where Were You?

Qualcomm proved last week that dividend investing can arouse the senses. More important, the right dividend-growth stock can enrich the portfolio. Read more

The Real Reason Warren Buffett Is ‘All-In’ on Dividend Stocks

What Warren Buffett knows is this: As the dividend goes, so goes the share price. Global companies will pay at least $1.4 trillion in dividends this year. Read more

Turn $25,900 Into $8,000,000? Yes, You Can

If a janitor can turn $25,000 in salary into an $8 million fortune with income growers that produce income checks, so can you. Read more

Warren Buffett’s Simple Secret to Generating 62% Annualized Returns

Combine time with a proven dividend-growth stock and you’re on the path to creating remarkable wealth like Warren Buffett. Read more

Dividends: Why Now More Than Ever

Amid this kind of stock market volatility, it’s no wonder that bearish sentiment is at a five-year high. But the right dividend stocks will keep you aloft. Read more

Market Correction Got You Down? Why Dividends Will Get You Up

Dividends make a big difference, all for the positive. Dividend payers lead to lower volatility in portfolios and produce higher returns over time. Read more

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