Claim Coca-Cola’s 64% Dividend – Just Like Warren Buffett

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Today, I was shocked when Steve told me this story . . .
About one of Warren Buffett’s best-ever dividend trades…
That’s paying him 64% in annual dividends!
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Back in 1988, Warren Buffett invested $1.3 billion in Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO).
That investment gave Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRB-B) a 6.6% equity ownership in the company.
Coca-Cola has been one of Buffett’s best investments. In the last 31 years, the $1.3 billion investment has grown to $18.9 billion.
That’s thanks to Coca-Cola’s impressive stock market gains.

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coca-cola dividend

Here’s the thing…
The growing Coca-Cola dividend is one of the key factors fueling Coca-Cola’s stock market gains.
Since 1988, the Coca-Cola dividend has increased — the quarterly dividend — from just under $0.04 on a split-adjusted basis . . .
To $0.40 per share.
That’s a 967% increase in the dividend!
Coca-Cola is known as a Dividend Aristocrat.
A company only gets this designation after raising its dividend for 25 consecutive years. And Coca-Cola dividend has exceeded that – Coca-Cola has marked 55 consecutive years of paying greater dividends.
Today, Coca-Cola trades at $53 per share. And the Coca-Cola dividend yield is a healthy 4.2%.
But that’s nothing compared with what Buffett is pulling in.
Berkshire Hathaway still owns all of its shares of Coca-Cola. And Buffett paid around $2.50 per share to purchase Coca-Cola stock.
Based upon Buffett’s costs basis, he’s collecting a 64% dividend from Coca-Cola.
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Now, we can’t turn back the clock to 1988 so you can buy shares alongside Buffett (sorry!).
But we can apply the lessons from one of his top investments . . . and use this knowledge to earn huge income from other top stocks today.
It’s actually pretty simple.

  1. Buy shares in a great company with growing sales and earnings – a company that will be thriving in 30 – 50 years
  2. Only invest if that company regularly increases its dividend payments
  3. Hold on to the stock for +10 years

Here’s the thing…
It’s so simple that most people don’t do this. Instead, most folks prefer “exciting investments” and trading. And so, they lose sight of the easy way to multiply your wealth.
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