Sell Alert: 5 Popular Dividend Stocks

Steve Mauzy and I just wrapped up a +37-minute video call . . .dividend stocks
And he revealed his top five dividend stocks to SELL NOW.
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Steve likes to say that “income investing IS investing. Everything else is simply speculation.” And that means he wants to get paid income – with every single investment.
So, he avoids what he calls “zombie dividend stocks.”
These are companies that have loaded up with debt. Yet that added debt hasn’t resulted in growing sales or profits.
These stocks are like the walking dead. And some examples include…

  • AT&T (NYSE: T)
  • Kraft Heinz (NYSE: KHC)
  • CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL)
  • Macy’s (NYSE: M)
  • Occidental Petroleum (NYSE: OXY)

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Inside the training, Steve also reveals how he determines if a company can honor their dividend payments.
The best dividend stocks tend to be those that consistently increase their payments
For example, take a look at Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT). Over the last five years, the company’s dividend increased 64%.
That growing dividend was one of the reasons the stock price has surged as well.
Dividend growth is a sign of financial health. And companies like Microsoft that raise their dividend payments tend to see their share price outperform.
Just take a look at Microsoft’s stock price – it’s up 252% in the last five years.
dividend stocks
If the dividend is increasing – the stock price is typically rising as well.
Inside this video, Steve also shares his top two dividend stocks to BUY NOW.
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