$1.3 Billion Says ‘BUY More Dividend Stocks’

Despite recent stock market rally . . .
Goldman Sachs says there is a 60% chance of a stock market crash!
That’s why it’s crucial that you’re collecting huge income checks – every single month. Even if stocks are treading water – or dropping . . .
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The Wall Street Journal says . . .
“This volatile stock market is showing the wisdom of owning dividend stocks.”
Late last year, the bull market for stocks stalled out. That’s when U.S. markets saw nearly a 20% drop between October and late December.

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Stocks have since rebounded from those declines . . .
Yet investors remain worried about the next big crash.
One recent survey found that investor sentiment is unusually low. In fact, it’s at the lowest level since 2008.
That’s just one reason that “smart money” investors are flocking to gold and income investments.
Because gold is viewed as being a safe place to store your wealth. And if the stock market isn’t rallying higher – investors want to earn income from their cash.
David Carter is the chief investment officer at Lenox Wealth Advisors, an asset manager with $1.3 billion of assets.
He recently explained that . . .
We’re actually buying a lot more dividend stocks now. In a world of slow economic growth and political uncertainty, we’re trying to find ways to generate returns.”
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