Christmas in August: $3,821 Worth Liberty Checks Are Yours to Claim

We’re still a few months away before the official start of the winter holiday season. For income investors, the holiday season starts now, even though it doesn’t officially start until next month.
Beat the crowd. Add your name to our list to collect $3,821 starting Aug. 8. (Click here now.) 
Most companies will delay declaring a liberty check until after the Labor Day weekend.
But as with the familiar winter holiday season, a few companies will jump the gun.
Three companies have already declared liberty checks. The most recent liberty check – to be paid by a large aerospace company – was declared only yesterday.
Thanks to this latest declaration, Income investors now have the opportunity to claim $3,821 in liberty checks before the season is officially underway next month.
Liberty vouchers hold the key to your high-yield income.
Buy a liberty voucher, collect a liberty check.
The good news is that liberty vouchers are open to all. These are no velvet-rope investments. No minimum investment or income is required.
Anyone can buy a liberty voucher to collect a huge liberty check.
And anyone has.
A $3,821 payment is yours to claim. Click HERE to confirm your address.
Madeline W., a 76-year-old grandmother, emailed last year to regale us with her liberty check experience.
Madeline collected four liberty checks on her liberty vouchers in six months. Her checks totaled $23,428. Madeline collected $3,904 on average each month of her holding period.
Another liberty-check aficionado, John M., offered his experience. John emailed to tell us that he was able to collect $11,341 in liberty checks.
John’s average beats Madeline’s. He collected a five-figure payout on his liberty vouchers in only a couple of months.
Paul B. might be our king of liberty-check collectors. He emailed to tell us that he claimed $33,000 on his liberty vouchers. Paul claimed his windfall from one liberty-voucher investment.
Now, it’s your turn. You can start collecting liberty checks that offer yields up to 20x the dividend yield of the S&P 500.
You can claim $3,821 in liberty checks starting Aug. 8 (TOMORROW).
We’ve recommended investors claim 57 liberty checks since June 2016. These liberty checks have paid $1,197 every 21 days on average.
To collect your first liberty check, all you need to do is click here to verify your address.
The sooner you verify, the better.
The holiday season for liberty check starts next month. You’ll be given the opportunity to collect many more liberty checks as we head into the winter holiday season.
Last year, income investors were able to claim 11 liberty checks from Labor Day through Christmas. One new liberty check opportunity arrived every 11 days on average. Each liberty check payment averaged $801.
Investors were able to collect nearly $2,400 in liberty checks each month over the final four months of  2018.
I expect even more liberty checks of even larger amounts to be declared in the final four months of 2019.
U.S. companies hold a record amount of cash. Many will want to disgorge the excess to their liberty-voucher owners before the start of the new year.
Christmas in August?
Believe it.
If you’re an income investor, your holiday season can start as soon as tomorrow. Click here to make it happen.

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