The SAFEST Way to Double Your Money in 2017

On Sunday night, my parents stopped by for a big family dinner (braised lamb, served with a bottle of Washington state Syrah  ̶  yum!)
After dinner, I was sitting next to the woodstove and chatting with my dad about my #1 income trading strategy.
Earlier, Steve had given me a call at home. He NEVER calls me on the weekends, so I figured it was important.
He told me that his email box had been flooded with emails. Tons of folks had missed last week’s webinar, and wanted access to this winning strategy (no losing trades in six months).
“Steve . . . we already have another LIVE event scheduled with more than 4,000 people signed up. I can’t re-schedule . . . and I’m not doing two webinars in a week.”He wasn’t having it. Three minutes after I hung up the house phone, my iPhone started buzzing.  New email. New email. New email . . .
Literally, 107 emails from clients who WANTED access to Steve’s income trading presentation. And I know that if we get 107 emails, 10 times more people feel exactly the same way.
I picked up the phone and called Steve. “Fine. You win. I’ll do it. Webinar. Wednesday at 2 p.m.

No. 1 Income Trading Strategy

This week you could discover the VERY BEST way to trade dividend stocks. This income trading strategy is the most powerful . . . lowest risk . . . and simplest strategy you’ll ever use.

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No options. No penny stocks. No leverage.
Here’s how easy it is:

1) Get an alert, and then “buy” the stock

2) Wait a couple of weeks to collect the HUGE dividend (14% average)

3) Be patient while the stock price rises

4) Sell your shares and lock in your gain (typically within 61 days)

This is SUPER EASY. Super simple. And 100% easy to start today.
In fact, I told my dad exactly how easy it is. He plans to join me for the LIVE webinar.
Now, my parents just got back from three weeks in India. Plus, they’re planning a trip to Ireland in October. So, I bet they’d be thrilled to pull in 10.3% gains every two months.
Maybe you’re like my parents and love to travel. Perhaps you need more cash to pay the bills. Or you simply want to make a bigger donation to your church or favorite charity.
Extra income  ̶  and regular 10% payouts  ̶  could have a HUGE positive impact on your life. But you won’t FULLY understand the impact unless you discover this income trading strategy.
Click here to RSVP. It’s 100% free (ONLY for Wyatt Research readers).

The Results: 97.7% Annual Gains

I’m going to be 100% honest. I’ve never seen a simple and safe dividend trading strategy deliver these results:

  • Winning 85% of trades
  • 14% average dividend yield
  • 3% average gains per trade (including losing trades)
  • 7% annualized gains
  • No losing trades in six months

Frankly, I’m surprised that EVERY one of my readers isn’t trading this strategy.
Are you ready to start? You are just two clicks away.

1) Click here to RSVP

2) Confirm your details

3) Log in to my webinar on Wednesday at 12 p.m. Eastern / 9 a.m. Pacific (this is LIVE)

This strategy is the BEST available.
Do NOT hold back. Click here to confirm your spot.
Ian Wyatt
Richmond, Vermont
P.S. My last webinar was 100% full.
Literally, 3,375 people who registered to attend were SHUT OUT. Why? Because we were completely maxed out.
Click here to confirm your spot. I guarantee we will have space for you, but ONLY if you confirm today.

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