Why a CEO Shares $86 Million – With YOU

Now, why on earth would a corporate CEO share $86 million . . .
With YOU?liberty checks
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Let me explain just how rare these situations are. Here in the United States, there are 3,671 publicly traded stocks.
In any given year, only 195 of these stocks send out these special payments. That’s right – less than 5%.
The good news is that one of these huge payouts is happening right now.
A niche aerospace company from New York state just had a major cash windfall.
You see, it sold off a division of the company to a huge multi-billion-dollar Japanese company. And it was paid $195 million.
For a small company – that’s a ton of cash.
The good news is that the company’s CEO was able to convince the board of directors to mail out a huge “Liberty Check” payment.
Once all the liberty checks are printed – the grand total of the payments will be $86 million. All of the liberty checks are being mailed out to thousands of Americans just like you.
Now, the CEO has a personal interest in getting these checks out ASAP.
That’s because he stands to personally collect $1,807,546.
Now, regular folks like us can’t expect to earn that much. But I’m personally planning to earn $2,307 in instant income. And you can too.
Think of it as a “Happy New Year Gift” – sent directly to your mailbox on Feb. 4.
Why is the CEO pushing for an $86 million payout?
His board of directors would NEVER approve a personal cash bonus of $1.8 million.
But through this special government-approved program, he’s legally able to pay himself millions . . . as long as payments are also sent to other stakeholders.
Next week, I’m going to reveal exactly how this works. And most importantly . . .
I’ll reveal how you can collect $2,307 in instant income.
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Yours in Profits,
Ian Wyatt

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