Act Now: Claim Your Share of $303.7 Million in ‘Liberty Checks’

A big real estate company announced that it will pay $303.7 million in “liberty checks” to holders of its “liberty vouchers.”
In many instances, the “liberty checks” themselves will be big. A cadre of company insiders is sure to cash in big.
To wit, insider Sam Z. will be paid a “liberty check” of $1.024 million. David H., another insider, will be paid even more. His “liberty check” will be $1.357 million.
Many other insiders of this real estate company will be paid “liberty checks” ranging from $52,070 to $150,265.
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But this is no inside job. Outsiders will be paid even more.
The Vanguard Group should expect a $50.09 million “liberty check.” Price Associates should be pleased to receive its $23.4 million “liberty check.”
Other institutional investors will be paid “liberty checks” ranging between $6.46 million and $9.9 million.
You don’t need to be an insider, nor a wealthy institutional outsider, to get in on the action.
You, too, can claim a share of the $303.7 million bounty. The opportunity is open to all, even to nondescript individual investors like us.
Indeed, many individual investors will be paid “liberty checks” ranging between $791.13 and $1,582. These “liberty checks” will be paid on small, modest, and very affordable investments in the real estate company’s “liberty vouchers.”
Own the “liberty vouchers,” collect a high-yield “liberty check.”
Time, though, is of the essence, as it always is. This real estate company’s “liberty checks” will be paid sooner than later. They’ll be paid on Oct. 23.
But you don’t have until Oct. 23. You have only until Oct. 5 – next Friday – to buy this real estate company’s “liberty vouchers” to collect your “liberty check.”
Don’t let inertia hold you back. This real estate company’s liberty checks are worth collecting because its “liberty vouchers” are worth owning.
This real estate company is run by arguably the greatest real estate mogul of the past 50 years. He has amassed a $5-billion fortune buying, selling, and leasing commercial real estate.
More importantly from our perspective, this real estate mogul’s investors have amassed an even greater fortune investing in his companies.
I know from experience. I recommended one of his companies, one that specializes in waste-management properties, to our subscribers last year.
This particular real estate company has generated a 26.8% total return over the past 12 months. I hold equally high expectations for the real estate company paying the upcoming liberty checks.
Now, to address the obvious: How do I buy “liberty vouchers”? How do I collect  liberty checks?
That’s easy enough. Anyone can buy a “liberty voucher,” anyone can collect a “liberty check.”
Of course, you need to know what to do (and that, too, is easy enough). I will show you what to do (and how to do it) at a special webinar I will co-host on Oct. 2 (this upcoming Tuesday) at 2 p.m.  EDT (11 a.m. PDT).
I’ll show you how to buy this particular real estate company’s “liberty vouchers” to collect your share of its upcoming “liberty check” payout.
I’ll show you more.
I’ll show you how to collect income 10X the average dividend payment with “liberty checks.” I’ll also show you how to trade “liberty vouchers” for additional profit.
Experience is on our side. I’ve recommended 39 company-issued “liberty vouchers” over the past two years. The liberty checks issued on these “liberty vouchers” have generated yields ranging from 4.0% to 41.2%. The average yield has been 12.5%.
What’s more, the “liberty vouchers” of the companies I’ve recommended have generated total returns as high as 51.1%. I’m not talking years. I’m talking months, if not weeks.
Now, you have the opportunity to collect the next high-yield “liberty check.” You have the opportunity to trade its “liberty vouchers” for additional profit.
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