Just Ahead: November Deadline to Collect $1,631 in ‘Liberty Checks’

The winter solstice holiday season approaches with full velocity, and with it the season for high-yield “liberty checks.”liberty checks
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The fourth quarter has traditionally been the most wonderful time of the year for liberty-check declarations. More liberty checks are declared in the fourth quarter than all other quarters.
2018 is holding true to form. I have recommended nine companies that have declared liberty checks since mid-September. Seven of the declared occurred within the past month.
When we truncate time further, we find three liberty checks are in the offing over the next week. Investors have until the market close next Thursday to claim these liberty checks.
In my less-than humble opinion, these checks are worth claiming.
Investors, even those of modest means, can claim liberty checks of $469, $561, and $601. That’s $1,631 in total. (Investors of immodest means can claim even more.)
These liberty checks are the real deal. They will be paid by established companies with impeccable reputations.
One series of liberty checks will be paid by a small-cap quality home-furnishings retailer that dominates its Southern and Midwest markets. It has offered quality furnishings to its customers since Grover Cleveland was U.S. president. That would be since 1885.
The home-furnishings retailer has paid dividends to investors since Franklin Roosevelt was U.S. president. That would be 1935. It has intermittently supplemented its long string of dividends with high-yield liberty checks since 2012.
Another liberty-check payment will be forthcoming from a small-cap title-insurance company. The title insurer was founded in 1972. The founding family runs the business to this day.
The founding family owns 16% of the title insurers outstanding shares. Inside interest is aligned with outside interest, and it shows.
The title company has a long history of paying timely high-yield liberty checks. It also has a long history of generating wealth for insiders and outsiders alike.
An investment and fund-administration firm will complete the third round of next week’s liberty-check volley. Unlike, say Lehman Brothers or Bear Stearns, two colossal Wall Street failures, this Columbus-Ohio-based firm is managed conservatively with an eye on the future.
Midwest sensibilities lead to top-shelf returns on invested capital. This investment firm produces consistent returns on equity capital at an envy-inducing 27% annually. A relentlessly swelling cash account is the byproduct of high operating efficiency. The pressure must be relieved by liberty-check payments.
So, with a modest investment, you can claim $1,631 in liberty checks within the next week.
But don’t be modest in your actions. You’ll need to act with speed. The November deadline looms large.
The deadline for the instructions to collect these liberty checks also looms large.
I’ll reveal instructions at a free, live webinar I will co-host on Nov. 27 (this Tuesday) at 2 p.m. EST (11 a.m. PST). You’ll be instructed on how to claim these three liberty checks. You’ll learn how to collect liberty checks that are sure to be declared in the near future.
History is on our side.
I have already shown investors how to collect 46 company-issued liberty checks since June 2016.
These checks have generated an average income yield seven times the dividend yield on the S&P 500. One liberty-check recommendation generated a 41% income yield –  more than 20 times  the dividend yield of the S&P 500.
And it’s all for the immediate taking.
You have the opportunity to collect seven times more income with liberty checks.
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