Deadline to Claim Your ‘Liberty E-Check’: Monday, August 13

Time is a moving thing. Time is of the essence.liberty e-check
You have only until the close of trading on Monday to claim a “liberty e-check” worth up to $1,141. You have only a few hours to act.
Ten “liberty e-checks” have been declared already this year.
A building materials company paid $41.2 million in “liberty e-checks” to its shareholders. Shareholders of a recognizable home appliance manufacturer received $42.1 million in “liberty e-checks.”
A metallurgical coal miner paid “liberty e-checks” worth $352.9 million to its shareholders. A money management firm delivered $1.69 billion worth of “liberty e-checks” to its shareholders.
The amounts are impressive in total. The potential payout to shareholders is even more so.
A shareholder of the building materials company could have received a “liberty e-check” of $1,021. A shareholder of the home-appliance manufacture could have received a “liberty e-check” of $1,242. A shareholder of the money management firm could have received a liberty e-check worth $1,661.
If you were a shareholder of the metallurgical coal miner, you could have received the most awe-inspiring “liberty e-check” of the year. A shareholder of this company could have received a $4,559 “liberty e-check.”
Monday is the deadline to receive the next “liberty e-check.” The check is worth collecting. It will be paid by a “Digital Royalty Trust.” This is a company that receives royalty payments on its huge library of digital assets, composed of 200 million photos and 10 million video clips.
The company’s liberty e-check will benefit insider and outsider alike.
The company’s CEO, who owns 50% of the company’s outstanding shares, will collect a $48.2 million “liberty e-check.” Most outsiders will collect a more modest “liberty e-check,” but they can still collect a remunerative “liberty e-check.”
Indeed, I know one outsider personally.
Ian Wyatt has acted. He has beat the deadline. He expects to collect this “liberty e-check.”
If you want to collect a “liberty e-check” like Ian, you need to act by Monday. The stock exchange on which the shares of this “Digital Royalty Trust” trade has imposed the deadline. No exceptions will be granted.
So don’t squander the time left.
We can ensure that you beat the clock. We’ll show you how to receive this upcoming “liberty e-check” – worth up to $1,141.
All you have to do is sign up and enroll (a simple process).
Ian and I will host a free, live webinar before the Monday deadline. The webinar starts at 12 pm EDT / 9 am PDT. The webinar is open to all investors. There is no minimum investment. No accreditation is required. There is no velvet rope.
Join us and you’ll be set to collect the upcoming “liberty e-check” paid by this “Digital Royalty Trust.”
Better yet, you’ll be set to collect future “liberty e-checks.” These “liberty e-checks” can generate 10X the income of the average dividend payment.
We’ll also show you how to trade the shares of “liberty check” issuers for equivalent-annualized returns that exceed 66.5%.
Don’t delay. Space is limited; it fills quickly. Click here to reserve your spot for this free, live event. 
You have nothing to lose except the opportunity to generate profits and collect 10X more income investing in the shares of “liberty e-check” companies.

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