‘Liberty Vouchers’ Generate a 238% Annualized Return in Only 23 Days

We hardly got to know you. You came and went so fast.year of dividends
I refer to Shutterstock (NASDAQ: SSTK). This industry-leading provider of licensed photographs, illustrations, videos, and music declared a “liberty check” on Aug. 1.
Shutterstock would pay a $3 liberty check on each of its liberty vouchers. Shutterstock would pay $104.9 million in total liberty checks. The liberty checks  would be paid on Aug. 29.
Investors who bought Shutterstock’s liberty vouchers. on Aug. 1 would have paid a price to secure a 6.2% income yield on their investment.
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A 6.2% is a solid market-beating yield. After all, the dividend yield on the S&P 500 is only 1.8%.
Shuttershock’s liberty checks offered an income yield nearly 3.5 X the dividend yield of the S&P 500.
Buyers of the liberty vouchers received more than a high-yield liberty check, though. They received additional income when they sold their liberty vouchers for a profit.
In fact, many investors generated more income buying and selling their Shutterstock liberty vouchers than they received in liberty checks.
Investors were paid a $3 in liberty checks for each Shutterstock liberty voucher they owned. They also booked $4.25 in capital gains per liberty voucher when they sold their liberty vouchers.
They received $7.25 per liberty voucher in total. The additional income raised their return on investment 15.0% from 6.2%.
What’s more, investors were able to book their total return in only 23 days.
The Shutterstock liberty vouchers were bought on Aug. 1. They were sold on Aug. 24.
The liberty vouchers  were actually sold before the liberty checks were paid. (Because the owners of the liberty vouchers were on Shutterstock’s books as owners on Aug. 15, the record date, they were still entitled to the liberty check.)
An intelligent Shutterstock liberty voucher  trade enabled investors to raise their total return to 15% from 6.2%. They were able to do so in only 23 days.
Their equivalent-annualized return was a cocktail-party-boasting 238%.
When Shutterstock’s liberty check  was declared, the board of directors said that it was “consistent with our strategy of maximizing stockholder returns while allowing us to maintain a capital structure to fund our operations and growth initiatives.” The board was subsequently proven right, much to investors’ financial delight.
Now, to address the obvious: How do I exploit the next opportunity to profit with a liberty voucher?
It’s easy enough. Anyone can buy a liberty voucher, anyone can collect a liberty check. They’re available to all investors.
In fact, I will show you how to buy liberty vouchers and collect high-yield liberty check. at a free, live webinar I will co-host on Oct. 10 (today) at 12 pm EDT (9 am PDT).
Shutterstock was no one-off event. I’ve recommended 39 company-issued liberty vouchers over the past two years. The liberty checks issued on these liberty vouchers have generated yields ranging from 4.0% to 41.2%.
The income yield on these liberty vouchers averages 12.5%.
The liberty vouchers I’ve recommended have generated total returns as high as 51.1%. They’ve generated equivalent-annualized returns as high as 365%.
I’m not talking years. I’m talking months. In some cases, I’m talking weeks, as was the case with Shutterstock.
The opportunity awaits for you to collect the next high-yield liberty check. The opportunity also awaits for you to trade your liberty vouchers  for additional profit.
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