No Tax Refund, No Problem: Claim a $1,407 Liberty Check Today

The numbers are down. They’re down refund
The IRS has paid $8 billion less in total tax refunds through the first week of April compared to the same period last year.
Collect more income, not less. Don’t delay, RSVP today. 
The IRS expects to pay less in total refunds this year. It expects to pay less per refund this year.
The IRS also expects to pay fewer tax refunds. An estimated 1.6 million fewer people will receive tax refunds.
Fewer tax refunds and a reduced amount per refund is a soul-sucking disappointment to many people. They view their tax refund as an anticipated bonus to fund a springtime splurge.
A study produced by JPMorgan Chase found that families will spend their tax refunds on a large purchase – a washer/dryer set, a kitchen remodel, a Cancun vacation. What’s more, most will spend their refund sooner than later, often within weeks of receipt.
If you’re one of the 1.6 million who will forgo Christmas in April, fret not. A bonus still awaits. It awaits in the form of a “Liberty Check.”
What’s more, a Liberty Check awaits even if you received a tax refund. Come one, come all, because anyone can claim the next Liberty Check.
Anyone can claim the next Liberty Check because the IRS isn’t paying. This upcoming Liberty Check will be paid by a large, prosperous coal company.
The March 26 press release specifies the total amount the coal company expects to pay: “[T]he Company intends to accumulate cash and, subject to approval by the Board, pay [Liberty Checks]  . . .  of up to $229,401,000 in the near future.”
I expect the $229.4 million to distill to a $4.35 Liberty Check per “Liberty Voucher.” These Liberty Checks will produce an income yield in excess of 14%.
With an investment that fits nearly every budget, many investors will claim a Liberty Check of $1,407 (or more).
To collect the Liberty Check, simply buy the coal company’s Liberty Vouchers. Anyone can buy a Liberty Voucher. They’re no more difficult to buy than the shares of any publicly traded company.
Buy the coal company’s Liberty Vouchers, collect a $1,407 Liberty Check . . .  and then sell your Liberty Vouchers for additional profit.
We know from experience. We have a track record with this particular coal company and its Liberty Checks and Liberty Vouchers.
The coal company announced it intended to pay $600 million in Liberty Checks on its Liberty Vouchers in Oct. 2017. The Liberty Checks were of Las Vegas-hotel proportions.
The coal company eventually declared an $11.21 Liberty Check per liberty voucher. The Liberty Checks generated a head-swooning 41.2% income yield — a record high yield.
Investors collected their Liberty Checks. Four months later they sold their Liberty Vouchers for additional profit.
We rinsed and repeated only two months later.
The coal company declared a $6.53 Liberty Check per liberty voucher in April 2018. The Liberty Checks generated a 22.8% income yield on our buy price.
Investors collected their second coal-company-paid Liberty Checks. They sold the coal company’s Liberty Vouchers only two months later for additional profit.
You’ll have the opportunity to claim the coal company’s third round of high-yield Liberty Checks when they’re declared. We expected them to be declared within days.
You’ll also have the opportunity to claim many more high-yield Liberty Checks.
We have shown investors how to claim 52 high-yield Liberty Checks since June 2016. New liberty-check opportunities arise every 20 days on average.
These Liberty Checks have generated an average income yield 6X the dividend yield on the S&P 500.
Add your name to our list so that you can collect your first high-yield Liberty Check – a $1,407 Liberty Check – and all Liberty Checks that follow.
Don’t delay, list space is limited . . . and so is the opportunity to collect your first Liberty Check.
Good Fortunes,
Stephen Mauzy
Downingtown, Penn.

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