Why 2016 Could Be a Record Year for Dividend Payouts

Here at Wyatt Research, we know many readers are focused on income.
So, over the past six months, we started a special project, analyzing thousands of one-time, extra-large dividend payouts.dividends payouts
The results?
We believe we’re on the cusp of a historic period for these payouts. A number of factors, like a contentious presidential election, coupled with the largest corporate cash hoard in American history, lead us to the conclusion that many companies will announce one-time dividends that will dwarf anything we’ve ever seen.
We also believe we could see a 10%-60% dividend announcement from an American company at any moment. When we do, we’ll send you an alert telling you exactly how to collect it.
Editor’s Note:
It’s happening…On May 25, we’re finally revealing all of our dividend research during a live event. During this event, we’ll reveal details on how you can collect one-day payouts of 10%-60%.
Register now to save your seat…
While we’re keeping close tabs on upcoming dividend opportunities as they arise, we will continue to keep you abreast of what’s happening in the world of dividends. Below, we’ve shared a short list of articles, news stories and our own in-house dividend research.
Could a Hillary Clinton presidency actually be good for your dividends?
“…So for most people, the Clinton tax regime won’t directly impact their taxes – dividend or otherwise.
But indirectly, corporations will still likely decide to issue more dividends if Clinton ends up in the White House.”
Why 2016 could be the biggest dividend windfall since the 1950s…
“December 2012 was the single best month for income investors in at least 57 years.
But we could be on the precipice of another historic period for dividends.”
Donald Trump’s dividend policy is not what most people expected.
“This single policy would account for an immediate inflow of trillions of dollars, as overseas cash hoards flood into the balance sheets of American corporations.”
This American food company just announced an 11.7% one day payout.
“This large dividend is on the heels of an increased cash hoard following impressive first-quarter results. And as we’ve seen, following the dividend announcement, shares of Pilgrim’s Pride (NASDAQ: PPC) soared. In fact, it’s jumped 15% in the past two weeks.”
What most investors get wrong about dividend stocks.
“Many investors view dividends as a sign of weakness. When a dividend starts, growth stops, and high returns drift lower.
But that’s not really true…”

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