The Secret to Collecting 7X Bigger Dividends

If you’re only collecting 3% or 5% dividends, you’re completely missing out.
If you can give me a couple minutes of your time, I can show you how to collect huge payouts of 11%, 15%, 33%, and even 41%.
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Most investors let these large dividend yields pass untouched. They relegate themselves to the 2% dividend yield of the average blue-chip growth stock. Others collect even less dividend yield from a market-index fund.
I was given a mandate 18 months ago to reveal the unseen to income investors. I’ve revealed 27 of these high-yield-dividend stocks to date.

Outsized Yields Hiding in Plain Sight

The dividends paid have generated yields that ranged from 4% to 41%. The average yield is 13.5%.
So, what have I revealed?
Special dividends (click here to see my top trades for 2018).
Many special dividends hide in plain sight because they go unnoticed by most financial websites. If the dividend goes unnoticed by your information source, it will likely go unnoticed by you.
Special dividends are worth noticing. They can offer the obvious — immediate high-yield income. They can also offer much more — a profitable trade opportunity in short time.
Experience proves my point.
One special-dividend stock we traded returned 8.8% in two weeks. Another returned 10.7% in 35 days. One special-dividend stock returned 29.2% in three-and-a-half months.
The returns are solid when considering the holding period alone. But when annualized, the potential to generate superior wealth becomes apparent:

  • The 8.8% trade returned 229.2% on an equivalent-annualized rate.
  • The 10.7% trade returned 111.6% on the same measure.
  • The 29.2% trade returned 104.5%.

The three I’ve highlighted are only three of a rare breed. Not any special dividend will due.
Discrimination is key to exploiting the opportunity. Many special dividends offer the potential for immediate high-yield income. Many also lack the ability to produce subsequent share-price appreciation.
In the last couple years, I’ve vetted hundreds of special-dividend stocks. Fewer than 10% have earned a passing grade. Most failed for a variety of reasons: low dividend yield, insufficient cash, excessive debt, low market liquidity, poor business outlook.
The wrong special-dividend stock can provide immediate high-yield income. It can also leave you with a share price that fades into oblivion.

Trade the Right Special-Dividend Stocks

Let’s ignore what’s wrong, and let’s focus on what’s right.
You have the opportunity to collect immediate high-yield income and high total return trading the right special-dividend stocks.
Better yet, you have the opportunity to learn how to trade the right special-dividend stocks today.
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