The #1 Reason Big Dividends Start in 21 Days

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The final two months of the year kick off one of the very best times for dividend investors.
Corporate America is known for keeping wages down, squeezing suppliers and delivering big profits. Yet in the final months of every calendar year, companies suddenly become much more generous.
Who benefits from this generosity? The shareholders  ̶  including company executives.
That’s because during the final weeks of every calendar year, a record number of special dividends are issued.
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These one-day payouts can deliver quick yields of 5% to 60%. And they’re specifically designed to put cash in the hands of shareholders, for a variety of reasons.
One of the most common reasons is the simplest to understand: personal greed.
We all know that a company’s board of directors sets executive compensation. Therefore, it’s impossible for a CEO to directly hand himself a large year-end bonus.
Yet if a CEO successfully lobbies his board of directors, he could convince them to issue a huge special dividend to shareholders.
And if that CEO has a large stake in the firm, he’ll stand to collect the dividend too. Board members are typically shareholders too, meaning that they also benefit from these year-end payouts.

Special Dividends: Bill Gates Collects $3.4 Billion

One of the biggest special dividends was issued by Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) in 2004. The company announced a $3-per-share dividend, or a 10% payout.
Microsoft’s biggest shareholders reaped the biggest rewards. CEO Steve Ballmer  ̶  who owned 411 million shares  ̶  collected $1.2 billion. Meanwhile, Bill Gates collected $3.4 billion (it’s worth noting that Gates donated 100% of his dividends to his nonprofit foundation).
Returning cash to shareholders  ̶   in the form of a dividend  ̶  is one of the very best decisions that can be made in the boardroom. Too many execs incorrectly spend money on ambitious growth initiatives, poorly planned acquisitions or overpriced stock buybacks.
One of the simplest solutions for extra cash is simply to write a check, and give it back to the shareholders. Special dividends allow companies to do so, without the normal strings that are attached to a regular quarterly dividend.
To be 100% clear, there is nothing wrong with this activity. In fact, I advocate this type of shareholder-friendly activity even if it enriches the leadership team.
Once you recognize that these payouts happen, it’s easy to hitch a ride and profit from these huge one-day payouts.
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Special Dividends Surge Just Ahead

So what’s so special about the final two months of the year?

  • First, companies have a good sense of their financial results for the year. If there is extra cash on the balance sheet, a special dividend is a quick and easy way to reward shareholders.
  • Second, the new tax year starts on Jan. 1, 2017. The potential for year-end changes to the tax code by Congress ̶  especially related to dividends and capital gains  ̶  can cause companies to take swift action.
  • Third, presidential election years create additional risk of new or different taxes. The perceived risk of changes to the tax code by a new president can cause companies to make preemptive dividend distributions.

November starts in just 21 days. And that means we’re starting an extremely busy period for special dividends.
A select group of investors have already been getting urgent alerts about the biggest dividends. These include dividends of 8.2%, 10.5% and even 37%.
Since June, we’ve issued seven dividend alerts with an average yield of 19.4%.

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