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Each month, on average, eight to 14 companies issue huge one-time dividends. These dividends typically yield 5% to 60%.
In the past couple weeks, seven companies have announced these special dividend payouts.

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Unlike regular dividends, the announcement of special dividends is almost always a total surprise to the market. And the market has little patience for surprises – good or bad.
That’s why there is a timely opportunity to pounce on these dividends: They’re completely misunderstood by most investors.
Right now, investors are too worried about the presidential election to even think about dividends.
But ignoring big dividend payouts is a huge mistake. The months after a presidential election is the best time for special, one-day payouts.
In fact, December 2012 was the single best month for income investors in at least 57 years.
I know it sounds unbelievable, but we could be on the precipice of another historic period for dividends.
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And it’s likely that most investors will miss out once again. They’ll be too distracted by the presidential election, the rise of ISIS, crisis in Europe and economic issues at home.
Plus, there’s another debt ceiling debate coming in early 2017. That will only add fuel to the fire.
The concern public companies faced in 2012 will be largely identical to the concern they face this year. And since 2012 was a record year for dividends, we have every reason to expect this year could be another record year.

Just Ahead: A Record Year for Dividends

Why do I say that?
Because the same blueprint is falling into place. America’s budget problems are far worse than they were four years ago. We’re further in debt, and the most likely presidential candidate promises to raise taxes. All of the issues hashed out in 2012 weren’t really solved.
They were kicked down the road to 2013 . . . 2014 . . . 2015 and now 2016.
That’s bad news for America and for taxpayers, but it signals a potential windfall for investors who know what’s coming.
And just like they did in 2012, American companies will protect their stakeholders from new taxes with giant, one-day payouts.
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