Here’s Cash to Make Up for Your Lower Tax Refund

Pardon the language, but April 15 refunds
If you planned ahead, you’ve already filed your taxes.
Or you might have taken today off work to get them done.
Regardless of when you do them, the federal government still demands its tribute.
If you polled Americans on their least favorite day of the year, Tax Day would probably top the list.
That’s really true now that the average tax refund is lower than last year’s average refund.
Data from the IRS shows tax refunds are down $6 billion compared to 2018.
The crux of the problem is the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.
As usual, Congress sold taxpayers a bill of goods.
Rather than lowering tax payments for most payers, it just changed the way federal withholdings are calculated.
That means your paycheck is fatter, but your tax refund is skinnier – an average 8.8% skinnier, to be exact.
Your refund check was probably $525 lower then this time last year.
And the number of tax refunds issued is down 26% from year-ago levels, so you might not be getting a check at all.
If you do the math on both lower and fewer refunds, the total amount the government is giving back this year is down nearly 40%.
That’s bad news for taxpayers who depend on their refunds to pay down debt or finance the family vacation or make a major purchase.
Your financial adviser would tell you that banking on that refund isn’t an optimal savings strategy, but the fact is, that’s what a lot of Americans do.
You can legally collect your own “taxes” . . .  to pay yourself.
It’s not even a once-a-year kind of deal.
You can collect your payouts every 20 days or so.
And we’re talking about checks in the neighborhood of $790, $1,090 OR EVEN $5,110.
Every 20 days.
We call them liberty checks.
Because of instead of waiting for one tax refund check every year, you can collect your liberty checks about every 20 days.
You can use them to finance that Disney vacation, or replace that old refrigerator that makes a weird noise every time the compressor kicks on.
Or you can invest that income in getting more liberty checks.
It’s entirely up to you.
That’s the “liberty” part, unlike paying taxes to the government.
If you don’t pay your taxes by today, Uncle Sam is definitely going to come knocking and he’ll definitely want you.
So how do you collect your liberty checks?
Just CLICK HERE and we’ll tell you how.
It’s simple, it’s legal and we’ll tell you exactly how much you’ll get and when.
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