The No. 1 Secret to Collecting the Biggest Dividends

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During this live event, I’m unveiling a dividend research project I’ve been engaged in for over six months.
In short, it involves a strategy for collecting extra large, one-day dividends from American stocks.
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Most income investors buy a stock and hold it for a five, 10 or even 40 years, reinvesting dividends along the way.
If you do this with a solid group of dividend payers, you can end up with a huge sum. And that’s great for most investors.
But my latest dividend research uncovers a completely different strategy that focuses on the market’s biggest (and safest) dividends.
These dividends are different. With the S&P 500 companies yielding about 2% on average, these are the biggest dividends . . . five to 30 times larger.
Most dividends are part of a regularly planned return of cash to shareholders. Investors rely on their dependability and consistency.
Yet these one-time payouts are completely different. They’re based on unique situations like a winning a huge lawsuit, an unexpectedly profitable year or a giant wave of cash from overseas earnings.

Ideal Strategy for the Biggest Dividends

Investors can buy the stock, collect a large payout and quickly lock in profits within a few months. For people who need bigger dividend payments right now, this is an ideal strategy.
That’s because these large dividends are much more common than you might expect.
According to my analysis of 4,218 of the biggest dividends going back to 1992, they happen about eight to 12 times per month.
Now when most investors hear “large dividend,” they think “risky dividend.”
But my research has shown that a select group of these biggest dividends simply aren’t very risky.
In some circumstances, these large payouts offer the same kind of solid fundamentals that underscore good dividend policy.
This is a brand new way of looking at the market’s biggest dividends. It’s based on cutting-edge research I’ve worked on with my team.
I’ll share all the details on Wednesday, May 25 at 12 p.m. EDT.
Inside this free event I’ll reveal exactly how this dividend investment strategy works.
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