Warren Buffett and Friends Collect Liberty Checks. Why Don’t You?

The rich and famous are again doing what you should be doing.warren buffett
What is it this time?
They’re collecting liberty checks, and they’re collecting a lot of them.
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Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK.b) received one liberty check totaling $30 million in 2017. The check was paid by familiar warehouse retailer.
Warren Buffett has been paid numerous liberty checks over his illustrious career: some more, some less than $30 million. I’m sure the total amount exceeds $100 million.
Warren Buffett, as liberty-check recipient, keeps familiar billionaire company.
Carl Icahn received a $462.5 million liberty check payment in 2013. The liberty check was paid to Icahn’s Icahn Enterprises (NYSE: IEP) by a large Midwest oil refiner.
The 2013 payment is one of many liberty checks Icahn has received over the years. Icahn has been a successful agitator for liberty checks during his investing career.
I estimate that Steve Wynn, former board chair and CEO of Wynn Resorts (NYSE: WYNN), received $539,914,601.34 in liberty checks during his tenure at the company he founded. (Though I could be wrong about the thirty-four cents.)
These billionaire investors collect liberty checks. You, on the other hand, let them float by like the seed fluff from a cottonwood tree.
There’s no need to let liberty checks float by. They’re within your grasp.
Wealth measured in 10-digits or more is no hurdle. Anyone can collect a liberty check: Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, Steve Wynn, and you.
And Madeline Wood.
Ms. Wood emailed to inform us how she collected $23,353 in liberty checks in only seven months. Ms. Wood is no billionaire investor. She may not even be a millionaire investor.
All we know about Ms. Wood personally is that she’s a 77-year-old grandmother who collects liberty checks.
As Ms. Wood’s email proves, anyone can collect liberty checks.
Liberty checks are paid by public companies. To collect a liberty check, buy the company’s liberty vouchers.
Anyone can buy a liberty voucher. They’re no more difficult to buy than the shares of any publicly traded company.
But unlike the regular dividends paid by a publicly traded company, liberty-check payments can assume Mount Everest proportions.
One coal company paid liberty checks totaling $600 million to owners of its liberty vouchers. Individual investors were able to bank a $4,121 one-time liberty check with a modest investment.
How do I know the investment was modest?
Because the liberty checks paid by the coal company generated a 41.2% income yield on investment. That’s 20X the dividend yield on the S&P 500.
Investors were also able to trade their coal-company liberty vouchers to generate an additional 10% return.
Buy your liberty voucher, collect your high-yield liberty check . . . and sell your liberty vouchers for additional profit.
The strategy to claim liberty checks and trade liberty vouchers is simple. It’s easy. Best of all, it’s proven.
We have shown investors how to claim 52 high-yield liberty checks since June 2016. New liberty-check opportunities arise every 20 days on average.
These liberty checks have generated an average income yield 6X the dividend yield on the S&P 500.
You’ll have the opportunity to claim the next high-yield liberty check when it’s declared.
We expected it to be declared within days
We anticipate the coal company that paid the $4,121 liberty check to declare its next liberty check. Alert investors will be able to collect a $1,407 liberty check with another modest investment.
You’ll need to act now collect your share.
Add your name to our list so that you can collect your first high-yield liberty check – a $1,407 payout. You’ll also have the opportunity to collect all subsequent liberty checks when they’re declared.
Don’t delay, space is limited . . . and so is the opportunity to collect the upcoming liberty check.

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