World’s Greatest Dividend-Paying Stock, Revealed

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I know. I’m one of the investors being paid.
We’re all collecting big dividends from the world’s greatest dividend stock.
It’s not who you think.
It’s not Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), nor Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT).
Could it be ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM)?
The energy behemoth is a proven, decades-long dividend grower, but it’s not the best.
The best is reserved for only one.
That’s Altria Group (NYSE: MO), the giant tobacco company known for its dominating Marlboro cigarette brand.
I’ll argue that Altria is the greatest dividend stock of all time. The company has delivered uninterrupted annual dividend growth for the past 49 years.
Think about that.
You could have bought Altria stock when Jimi Hendrix was alive and Richard Nixon had just occupied the White House. Had you held the stock until today, you’d be swamped annually (thankfully) with a tsunami of dividends.
Many companies can boast of annual dividend growth. Some can even measure their growth in decades.
Very few, though, can boast of annual increases that arrive in impressive annual chunks.
Altria’s latest dividend increase last September lifted the quarterly payment to $0.80 per share. This was a 12.5% increase over the previous quarterly payment.
In comparison, Apple’s most recent dividend increase was a piddling 5.5%. Microsoft’s was an OK 9.5%.
Collect 5X more income than Apple and Microsoft investors.
As for the venerable ExxonMobil, which has several decades of dividend growth, its annual payment was increased only 6.1%.
The benefits of Altria’s chunky dividend growth become readily apparent when time is factored.
I first recommended Altria shares in September 2011. The starting dividend yield was 6.1% on a $27 cost basis – Altria’s share price at the time.
Today, that Sept. 2011 investment generates an 11.7% income yield– nearly double what existed eight years ago.
Investors who bought Altria shares on my initial recommendations are receiving annual dividends of $1,175 on an initial $10,000 investment.
Better yet, they’re all but guaranteed to receive more dividends this year, and more each year to follow.
Wait a minute, you protest.
We are talking about cigarettes, which are in a secular decline. The Marlboro brand will shrivel and eventually blow away, much like General Motors’ (NYSE: GM) once-glorious Pontiac automobile brand.
I’ll freely concede the point.
There’s nothing new here, though. Cigarette sales have been in a secular decline for the past 25 years.
But the decline has been manageable for Altria and the other large cigarette makers.
The CDC, or Centers for Disease Control, reports that 38 million American adults still smoke daily. Whether you or I like it, people still smoke (and start to smoke) despite full disclosure of the hazards.
And there is an offset.
The trend in unit sales is down. The revenue per cigarette is up.
Altria might sell fewer cigarettes each year, but it generates more revenue on each cigarette sold.
And consider this.
Altria management isn’t simply sitting and time-serving until the trend hits zero (which it won’t).
Management has shrewdly diversified the company into beer. It owns 10% of Anheuser Busch Inbev (NYSE: BUD), the world’s largest brewer.
It owns the smokeless tobacco market through the Copenhagen and Skoal brands. The chew market continues to grow.
Altria is the front-runner in the e-cigarette market. It owns 35 % of Juul, the dominating brand.
Because of its $1.8 billion in Cronos Group (NASDAQ: CRON), Altria is poised to lead in the cannabis market.
If the wager were who would exist a hundred years from now –  Marlboro or iPhone, I’d bet the house, the farm, and the great, great grandkids’ inheritance on Marlboro.
I’d bet on Altria.
You can, too, and you can bet on the same terms as 2011.
Altria shares yield 6.1%, just like eight years ago. You could be paid $1,175 in annual dividends in only  a few years.
Or you could be paid sooner.
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