Nomura Securities: Oil to Hit $220

With unrest spreading across the Middle East, and as much as half of
Libya’s oil production shut down, Nomura Securities is forecasting oil
prices will hit $220 a barrel if Algeria sees significant unrest.

Oil is already hitting $100 a barrel today.

If Nomura is right, we’ve only seen the beginning of the gains from oil’s
upside move.

Investors are advised to seek oil stocks in politically stable countries,
like the U.S. or Canada. Canada has oil sands, and the U.S. has the Gulf of
Mexico and the Bakken oil pool.

The Bakken is a small region of the western United States that contains at
least 4.5 billions of barrels of oil.

Investors have made some outstanding gains from Bakken oil producers.
Shares of one emerging Bakken player are already up 12% this week. There
could be another 25% gain coming as this stock reaches a fair valuation.
But if oil prices spike higher, shares could move much higher. For more,

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