CNN’s New Lie?

According to a new CNN article…

Inflation is slowly coming down and “no longer outweighing Americans’ wages.”

But unless your income is up 30% since 2021, odds are you’re poorer today.

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After the Consumer Price Index report came out…

CNN described it as “evidence that high inflation is (very) slowly, but surely, abating.”

“That’s welcome news for the Federal Reserve and for Americans” – they said – “who are finally starting to not have their earnings completely eaten away by rising prices.”

But a quick trip to the grocery store tells a very different story.

In fact, if there’s one reason why so many Americans feel worse over the last three years, that thing is inflation.

That’s why—now more than ever—it’s CRITICAL to own the right passive income investments.

Because collecting huge amounts of income is the #1 way to beat inflation.

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Most folks have never heard of these huge payouts…

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Here’s some of the payouts I’ve alerted:

  • $2,400 from a communication device company
  • $2,530 from a materials manufacturer
  • $2,820 from a manufacturer of luxury high-performance boats
  • $3,060 from an industrial manufacturer
  • $3,300 from a software company
  • $3,360 from a telecommunications company
  • $4,100 from a supplier to the global steel industry
  • $4,500 from another software company

And while these amounts are based on a $10k investment…

You can start collecting these 1-day payouts with as little as $50.

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Ian Wyatt

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