Deutsche Bank’s Top 2 Dividends Stocks

Deutsche Bank just recommended…

Two high-yield dividend stocks the bank believes are right buys in the current market. Let’s see if they are the best income plays for you…

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Jim Reid is Deutsche Bank’s head of global economics.

And in a note to clients, he said:

“At the start of this year, we expected H1 to be favorable for risk assets but anticipated that problems would arise as the recession approached in the latter half of H2.

H1 has surprised on the upside, largely due to tech and AI, but if the start of 2022 marked the beginning of a new higher rates era, then these returns should be seen in that context.

The more positive interpretation would be that we had a one-off rate shock that the market sharply adjusted to, and now we are in the process of normalizing and can continue to leave the shock behind us as we progress through the quarters ahead.”

Against this backdrop…

Deutsche Bank analysts are recommending these two dividend stocks:

  • Westlake Chemical Partners (NYSE: WLKP)
  • Frontline, Ltd. (NYSE: FRO)

The first one yields 8.7%…

And the second yields 19.27%.

Nothing to sneeze at…

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