The Brutal Truth About Social Security

Have you heard about the latest Social Security story?

Social Security recipients are on track of receiving the SMALLEST cost-of-living increase (COLA) since 2020: A measly 2.7% bump.

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Last year…

The talking on heads on mainstream media described the 8.7% COLA as “the largest increase in decades.”

But with price hikes as high as 10% and 20% across the board…

I call it the Social Security swindle of 2022.

Well, it seems SS recipients are about to get swindled again.

This time though… with an increase so small that it will barely make a dent.

Especially considering the soaring cost of everyday items.

The Senior Citizens League estimated the 2024 COLA could be as small as 2.7%.

Frankly, it’s disgraceful.

As a Senior Citizens League policy analyst said…

“The job of Social Security since the 1930s has been to lift older Americans out of poverty.”

Well, I don’t think the 2.7% COLA is a great way to accomplish that job.

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