Disney’s Problem

Disney just hiked prices on its streaming plans for the second time this year.

Frankly, the company is delusional if they think that American families can afford their higher prices.

High inflation has made gasoline, energy, heating, cooling, food, and other products super expensive – and the last thing people need is another price hike.

What they need is effective ways to combat inflation.

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As a result of the hikes…

The price of Disney+ jumped to $13.99 a month in the US.

That’s now double the $6.99 cost when the service launched in 2019.

But it’s not only Disney+…

Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney’s two Hulu live TV packages will also get a price hike.

The move comes after the company reported streaming LOSSES that totaled $512 million in its Q3 results… $659 million in Q2… and $1.1 BILLION in Q1.

In other words: The company is bleeding so much red ink…

That their plan to make streaming profitable is to make more money from their declining subscriber base.

But here’s the problem.

When you increase prices without an increase in quality and benefits…

You could easily lose more customers.

This then leads to more losses and the need to raise prices AGAIN.

It’s a never-ending cycle that ultimately drives customers away.

Plus, too many people are impacted by the inflation of the last few years for them to be OK with yet another price increase.

What we Americans need is effective ways to crush inflation.

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