Fed Could Hit American Wallets Even Harder

The minutes from the Fed’s last meeting suggest…

… that most Fed officials think more interest-hike rate hikes are needed to tame inflation.

And this is great news for income investors, because higher interest rates are creating a rare opportunity to earn mountain-size income.

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The minutes from the Federal Reserve’s July 25-26 meeting were released on Wednesday.

The minutes blunted popular perception that the recent interest-rate hike would be the last.

Fed officials still must solve the obvious problem.

Annual inflation is remains DOUBLE the Fed’s 2% target…

… and American’s are still struggling with higher prices. 

Traders who bet on the Fed’s next move…

… have raised the odds of a November interest-rate hike to 37% – according to the CME Group’s FedWatch tool.

Higher interest rates translate to higher borrowing costs…

… which leads to lower consumer and business spending.

The Fed’s rising interest-rate policy has lifted the 30-year-mortgage rates above 7% for the first time in twenty years.

But higher interest rates have also created the best environment in decades for income-generating investments.

Higher interest rates mean higher income from most investments.

Higher interest rates also lead to lower investment values.

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