It’s Getting Worse for Americans…

Piper Sandler’s chief global economist asserts that …

Americans will have to “hunker down” and “save their pennies” to prepare for a “more painful economy.”

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Piper Sandler’s chief global economist Nancy Lazar told Fox News Digital:

“Indeed. save your pennies because unfortunately, the economic outlook is going to get worse before it gets better.”

Ms. Lazar goes on to say that you should be “conservative, careful with your credit cards… It is a time to hunker down and to try to maintain your savings rather [than] get further into debt.”

The economy is overheating because of declining manufacturing, declining consumer spending, rising prices across the board, and “a way too tight” labor market with too much government spending.

Ms. Lazar has a point.

Inflation has eroded everyone’s savings and purchasing power over the past two years. 

To be sure, inflation has trended lower through 2023…

But the prices of many items we consume regularly – food, in particular – have yet to retreat. On the contrary, many prices continue to trend higher.

And now we have energy prices again trending higher.

More money spent at the pump and to cover utilities means less money available to spend elsewhere.

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