Fed Official Reveals GREAT News for Investors

Federal Reserve Governor Michelle Bowman says…

She expects the Federal Reserve to interest rates despite the reports on jobs and inflation.

And this is great news for income investors, because the Fed raising interest rates is creating a PERFECT environment to collect Texas-sized income.

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Yesterday, Bowman said:

“I supported raising the federal funds rate at our July meeting, and I expect that additional increases will likely be needed to lower inflation to the FOMC’s goal.”

This comes after the Fed raised interest rates for the 11th time since March 2022.

Bowman said the recent reports on jobs and inflation are encouraging…

… but that inflation is still WAY above the Fed’s 2% annual target rate.

This suggests that interest rates will likely remain higher for longer, or go even higher.

And this is creating a great opportunity to collect BOATLOADS of income.

Why? Simple…

Higher interest rates mean higher income from most investments.

For example…

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