Governor Blasts Biden With This…

After Biden canceled oil and gas leases in Alaska…

The Alaska governor accused Biden of violating the law.

“This makes absolutely no sense from any perspective unless your goal is to drive up the cost of oil and gas,” Alaska’s governor said.

This could easily worsen the inflation we have today.

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In a recent interview with Fox Business…

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy said:

“If [Biden]’s willing to break this law, surely there’s going to be others. And once again, Alaska right now feels like a victim under this administration. And the country is going to feel like a victim here if they haven’t already.”

Biden pulled the plug on Trump-era oil leases this past Wednesday.

This is his latest offensive in his war on oil – which has contributed to inflation.

Most Americans preferred Trump’s $2-per-gallon gas over Biden’s $3.80-per-gallon gas.

And now that Biden is CANCELING several gas and oil leases in Alaska, energy-driven inflation will likely get worse. As Alaska Gov. Dunleavy said:

This is “really hurting the single mom with three kids who’s trying to make it in this world of hyperinflation.”

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