How You Could Profit with the Fed’s Next Rate Hike

Another Federal Reserve interest rate hike is coming next week.

And this could lead to higher income from these investments.

This could mean $4,501 in instant income for you…

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After an interest-rate pause last month…

Traders are betting the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates again by a quarter of a point next week.

The reason is that inflation remains far above the Fed’s 2% target rate..

Meanwhile, WalletHub reports that …

Many Americans have suffered because rising interest rates.

At the same time, many investors have benefited — namely, income investors.

The reason is simple.

Higher interest rates have raised income yields, leading to higher income paid by many


A Goldilocks scenario is forming. You can buy high-yield income investments at a deep, value price, which raises the income yield and sets the stage for serious price appreciation in the coming months. 

This gives you the power to profit twice:

  1. With high-yield income on your cash invested today, and…
  2. With long-term capital gains as asset prices rise.

I’m capitalizing on this Goldilocks scenario with in two ways.

The first is to BUY income investments yielding up to 15% (with the potential for another 20% to 30% in capital gains)…

The second is to capitalize 1-day payouts that can yield up to 45%.

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  • How the best funds pay income yielding 10% or more (that trade at double-digit discounts)
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