I’m Sorry Yahoo Finance, What?

According to a new Yahoo Finance article…

Americans haven’t “felt this good about the economy since 2021.”

But considering that everything is at least 17% more expensive with no relief in sight, I really doubt that’s how the average American feels.

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A new survey from the University of Michigan says…

That there’s been a 13% jump in overall sentiment during this January.

The index reading for the month came in at 78.8, its highest mark since July 2021.

The cumulative 29% climb in sentiment index over the past two months is supposedly the largest increase since the US economy recovered from recession in 1991.

And as the survey director Joanne Hsu says…

“Consumer views were supported by confidence that inflation has turned a corner and strengthening income expectations.”

But head over the comments section of this Yahoo Finance article…

And what you’ll see is that Americans have a VERY different view.

“Really? Did I fall into winter hibernation slumber and missed the sentiment change?” one commenter said.

“Who the heck are you kidding?” another one says.

“Election propaganda” another one claims.

And who can blame them?

The article FAILS to mention how credit card debt is at record highs…

The same with defaults…

And how there’s a massive cost-of-living crisis that is forcing Americans to look for new ways to boost their income fast.

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