Is Dave Ramsey’s Advice Good?

In a YouTube video called “We Are So Broke, We Don’t Know What to Do”…

Dave Ramsey offered advice to a couple who was really struggling financially.

Let’s discuss if his advice was actually any good…

Or if they would’ve been better off with this income strategy instead.

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The YouTube video was published back in April of 2022.

In it, a couple explains how they were struggling with various financial burdens.

This included a mortgage, credit card debts, and the shocking decision of increasing their debt by spending $30,000 on a solar panel installation.

And Ramsey’s advice was simple. He said:

“You guys have to lock arms and write down a pledge in blood that says I’m going to quit buying cr*p I can’t afford.”

He also encouraged them to establish a budget…

He stressed the importance of increasing their income…

And to strategically plan their careers.

Additionally, as a final option to eliminate debt…

He mentioned the possibility of selling their home (valued at approximately $300,000 with a $197,000 mortgage).

But he preferred that they focus on increasing their income and manage their debt without having to sell their home.

Frankly, this is good advice…

But it would’ve been better if he had given them strategies that could increase their income fast with little to no effort.

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And they are usually related to an unanticipated event.

The event can be a strong earnings report…

A business reorganization…

A change in business fortunes…

A large legal settlement…

A change in tax law.

The company’s management will use these payouts as a signaling mechanism – and they can also foretell a pick-up in earnings growth.

This can stimulate investor interest.

Companies also pay them for other reasons.

For example, removing excess cash from the balance sheet.

An excess of any asset is wasteful, including cash.

Cash is sterile. It generates little-to-no return.

So these payouts are a way to remove excess cash and return it to its rightful owners: The shareholders.

The corporation benefits because it can maintain a higher return on invested capital.

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Yours in Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

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