Elon Musk Turns Humans into Robots

Would you have a computer chip installed in your brain?

Elon Musk has a little-known startup called Neuralink (private).

Since 2016 the company has been developing a brain implant.

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This is a chip that picks up signals from the human brain. And allows people to interact with their surroundings.

This new technology is progressing very quickly…

The FDA approved Neuralink for human clinical trials last year.

On Jan. 29 a quadriplegic received the very first implant.

Neuralink will initially focus on people who have lost the use of their limbs – allowing them to have “full-body functionality.”

It could also allow blind people to regain their sight.

The long-term goals for Neuralink are much bigger.

The next product will be called Telepathy. And it will allow you to control a smartphone or computer by thinking.

Just think about that for a minute…

You’re simply thinking about sending a text message…

“Send a text to dad and mom. The message says “I hope you have a wonderful trip in Hawaii. Enjoy the beaches and sunshine. Safe travels!”

By simply having that thought…

My smartphone creates and sends a text message.

This is the future. And it’s not too far away.

Elon’s company had been testing the brain chip on monkeys. One video shows a monkey using its brain to move the computer cursor.

While this may sound very futuristic…

It’s a major breakthrough that’s worth watching.

Neuralink is a private company worth $3.5 billion. So, there’s no way to directly invest in this technology today.

It’s easy to imagine that this new technology will be deeply involved with Elon Artificial Intelligence initiatives.

It’s critical that you’re up to speed on these fast-moving developments.

That’s why I’d recommend that you…

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