Is Social Security Doomed?

Social Security is Doomed…

More than 85% of baby boomers say they doubt Social Security will maintain benefits at current or higher levels in the future, according to a recent survey.

That’s why many people are seeking other ways to increase their income.

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This past week…

Marketwatch published an article highlighting that many Americans are losing faith in Social Security.

The author states that “there are actually no good reasons why Social Security should have to cut benefits.”

I’m less confident than the author.

Many economists estimate that Social Security will run short of money by 2032…

Which could to Social Security payments being cut by up to 25%.

The truth is…

Social Security has funding problems.

Especially when considering that Biden’s fiscal-year 2024 budget offers few provisions for covering the expected deficits.

If this issue fails to be resolved…

Millions of Americans could receive lower Social Security payments in the future.

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