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Did you hear what MSBNC’s Stephanie Ruhle just said?

She wants an “economic explainer” to tell “confused” Americans that they’re doing quite well today in today’s economy.

She’s completely out of touch with the reality of the average American – who is really struggling to make ends meet.

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Ruhle hosts MSNBC’s “The Eleventh Hour.”

And she recently had Chicago Fed President Austan Goolsbee as a guest.

Together, they discussed a recent Federal Reserve report that literally shows people are still struggling to cover day-to-day expenses.

Yet she had the nerve to tell viewers that they are economically far better off than they think.

In her own words…

“ […] We have more purchasing power today than we did in 2019. What’s going on with the American consumer psyche? There’s never a bigger difference between the vibes and the actual numbers than we’re facing right now.”

Here’s what Ruhle completely fails to understand.

Wages may have increased since 2019…

But purchasing power has decreased 17% – at the very least.

Meanwhile, most Americans don’t make $700k a year like she does.

So it’s very difficult for them to feel like they’re doing well when rent, utilities, gas, food, insurance, home improvement and new vehicle prices are dramatically high.

That’s why the LAST thing Americans need is someone telling them they’re doing fine when they know they are not.

What they need is inflation reined in…

And more income to face the higher prices that will NOT come down.

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