CNN’s New Lie?

According to a new CNN article, inflation is slowly coming down and “no longer outweighing Americans’ wages.” But unless your income is up 30% since 2021, odds are you’re… Read more

Bill Gates’ SHOCKING Annual Dividend Income, REVEALED!

It’s no secret Bill Gates has an affinity for dividend income. But did you know he earns this CRAZY amount per year from his portfolio? Let’s discuss if his… Read more

JPMorgan’s New WARNING for 2024

JPMorgan just issued a brand-new warning for Americans – one that could have a severe impact on 99% of Americans. But they could avoid it by simply… Read more

Why Americans Are More Bummed Out Than Ever

According to a new Yahoo Finance article… Americans are more bummed out than ever but they don’t understand why because “things aren’t so bad.” Well, here’s what… Read more

Biden’s NEW Swing at Student Loan Forgiveness

The Biden Administration is taking another swing at student loan forgiveness. Meanwhile, crickets about restoring Social Security trust funds – despite being on a path of being depleted in… Read more

Is Disney’s NEW Dividend a Buy?

Disney (NYSE: DIS) says it plans to pay a cash dividend of 30 cents a share to shareholders on Dec 11. But why buy the stock when that dividend… Read more

Jamie Dimon’s WARNING to Investors

Jamie Dimon says “we are facing so many uncertainties out there, you just got to be very cautious.” That’s why you might want to consider this defensive blueprint. Read more

Goldman Reveals Top 50 Stocks to BUY NOW

Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) just revealed the top 50 stocks to BUY NOW. Let’s discuss if they are the right investment for you… or if you’ll be better off… Read more

Working Mom’s CONFESSION Goes Viral

How many Americans retire with a million bucks? According to a Yahoo Finance article, the number is quite small. And if you’re not in that group, they recommend to… Read more

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