The Case for NO Rate Cuts This Year

“The Fed will not cut rates this year.”

That’s what the chief economist at Apollo Asset Management just said.

If he’s right, that would be fantastic news for income investors because higher rates are creating a massive opportunity to earn huge income in 2024.

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In a new note to clients, Apollo’s Torsten Slok said that…

  • Wage inflation is stuck at 4%-5% annual rate
  • More businesses are still looking to raise prices
  • And a rebound is coming in housing inflation (partly because of a rise in rents).

As a result, the Fed may not be to cut rates this year.

In his own words:

“The reality is that the U.S. economy is simply not slowing down, and the Fed pivot has provided a strong tailwind to growth since December, [so] the Fed will not cut rates this year and rates are going to stay higher for longer.”

He also said that many measures of inflation are pointing higher again…

… including Supercore Inflation at 4.5%.

Meanwhile, asking rents are rising and home prices are rising too.

Just 2 months ago, markets were pricing in 6 rates cuts in 2024.

But even though the RATE of price increases (inflation) has slowed…

Prices are still rising – and inflation is still a big problem.

That’s why Torsten says “the Fed will spend most of 2024 fighting inflation.”

Frankly, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s legacy is at stake.

Losing the war on inflation would be horrible.

So he’s likely to keep rates higher for longer.

This would be fantastic news for income investors because higher rates mean higher income from every investment.

Meaning, you can buy high yield income investments at cheap valuations – creating an almost perfect set up for huge profits in the coming months for you.

This gives you the power to make money in two ways:

  1. Earn high yields on your cash investment today, and…
  2. Capitalize with long-term capital gains as asset prices rise

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